David Yomtobian
VP of Human Resources
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Tel.  (212) 213.7800 Ext. 1888
Mobile.  (646) 427.9494
Fax.  (212) 213.7801
Email.  dy@vcpre.com
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David Yomtobian

David Yomtobian joined VCPRE in the summer of 2014. In 2007, David got his real estate license and did a summer internship at VCPRE LLC where he worked as a rental agent on new luxury rental buildings in Midtown. After college, he decided to dive into the world of residential real estate full time and started Blackstone Properties of NY. During the downturn of 2008 when rental vacancies where at an all time high and demand at an all time low David hired 150+ residential agents and opened 5 offices to meet the market imbalance which resulted in over 4,500 closed rental transactions and 100mm in closed sales transactions.

During that time he also hired, inspired and trained Luis D. Ortiz who starred in a reality tv show on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listings. Between 2013-2014 David decided to live out his childhood dreams and traveled the world while studying the work of Ludovico Einaudi with musician and pianist David Sklar and hired International Fide Chess Master Carlos Mena as a full time chess coach.

In 2014 the Chairmen of VCPRE became David’s neighbor on wall street and during a random meeting we saw a mutual synergy to work together. Having 100’s of close contacts in the real estate community from running Blackstone and the rapid growth of VCPRE during the post crisis boom David joined again in 2014 as the head of Human Resources where he has successfully hired 20+ agents, created a training program, hired the company analyst.

On his spare time David still plays a lot of chess in person at the Marshall Chess Club in the west village, and online at Lichess.org. David also runs a not for profit 501(c) organization called Chesswecan.org where they help create and run free chess programs for low income schools with no resources. David spends his free time coding and is ranked in the top 1% on codewars.com. His coding and chess knowledge resulted in chessvideogame.com

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