Kevin Kerzner
Investment Sales Advisor
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Tel.  (212) 213.7800 Ext. 218
Mobile.  (845) 721.2644
Fax.  (212) 213.7801
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Kevin Kerzner

My investors or buyers can expect the following:

To provide comparisons of various properties or types of property and their cash flows or investment returns, To know the area market, including local statistics and have data involving property location, as well as the demographics of nearby businesses and the area population. To employ statistical and break even analysis to determine a basic margin of safety for an investment. To know a properties maintenance costs and possible renovations. To have a knowledge of the site’s suitability based on zoning regulations, environmental conditions and financing considerations. To have a through understanding of the property and have answers to questions. To assist in the due diligence bringing a sale or purchase to a successful conclusion. Venture Capital Properties has built relationships with a large group of buyers, meeting specific criteria in matching the buyer with the right investment/property and conversely bringing actionable buyers to our Listings.

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