VCP provides asset management advisory by assisting all aspect of the capitalization process. We benefit from our global knowledge in Debt and Equity markets and adopt a realistic and thorough Real Estate quantitative and risk analysis. By leveraging our deep-rooted connections with global banks and our extensive knowledge of the North American Real Estate market, we are best positioned to assist and represent foreign institutions in their investment strategies. Wealign our client's target returns with the maturing debt horizon to optimize long term value.

We show an impressive track record representing Korean and Middle Eastern institutions in the procuring of subordinate debt on both a fixed and floating rate basis.

Capital Management Planning
Align capital management plans with long-term strategic objectives.

Funding Options and Alternatives
Assess funding options across traditional senior debt, mezzanine finance, hybrids and structured finance.

Provide 'arm's length' benchmarking of debt levels, terms and pricing for related party transactions such as tax, audit and governance compliance purposes.

Funding Strategies and Negotiations
Develop funding strategies, assist in debt procurement process, and help clients manage their lender relationships, negotiate covenants and terms.

For further information, please contact Joseph Soufeh at jsoufeh@vcpre.com

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