Ali Reslan
Managing Director
Investment Sales Advisor
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Tel.  (212) 213.7800 Ext. 107
Fax.  (212) 213.7801
Email.  [email protected]
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Ali Reslan

Ali Reslan was named Managing Director of Leasing and Acquisitions after years of working closely with many of Manhattan’s biggest landlords as well as institutional investors, REITs, and high net worth individuals across the globe. Having worked as a private consultant to the Carlyle Group’s Real Estate division, Ali has gained diverse expertise in all types of real estate throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, including residential, commercial, and development properties. As the head of our commercial and retail leasing operations, Ali is working with international brands and companies in securing their retail storefronts, office operations and managing their distribution network.

When it comes to client representation, Ali effectively understands the wants and needs of major brands, investors, buyers and sellers alike. His innate sense of fairness and commitment to the values of honesty and integrity, coupled with his outstanding track record and knowledge, paved the path for his management role helping agents excel in their careers. His natural interpersonal, leadership and negotiating skills, and ability to recognize and capitalize on changing market trends, have always served him well.

After graduating with a degree in Finance and Economics from The University of Delaware, Mr. Reslan turned down numerous offers on Wall Street and instead went into business in the world of high-end Real Estate. As a New York native himself, he was raised in an environment where from a young age he was privy to the daily inter-workings of the world’s most influential dealmakers and powerful figures in both the city and abroad.

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