VCPRE provides specialized advisory services and access to the South Korean and Gulf Region capital markets. We specialize in the placement of subordinate debt including "B Notes" and Mezzanine financing for floating rate and fixed rate deals. VCPRE represents both domestic borrowers and acts as a conduit for foreign lenders in deploying capital in the US.

Our clients benefit from our global knowledge in Debt and Equity markets and adopt a realistic and thorough risk analysis. By leveraging our deep-rooted connections with global banks and our extensive knowledge of the North American Real Estate markets, we are best positioned to assist and represent foreign institutions in their investment strategies. We align our client's target returns with the maturing debt horizon to optimize long term value.

Subordinate Debt Placement
Align capital management plans with long-term and short-term objectives.

Our debt professionals speak fluently in English, Korean, Arabic and French.

Foreign Partners/Clients
Our clients include banks, pension funds, life insurance companies, securities companies, sovereign wealth funds and asset managers.

Local Clients
Investment banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, and leading operators of commercial real estate.

Funding Options and Alternatives
Access to funding options across traditional senior debt, mezzanine finance, hybrids and structured finance.

Funding Strategies and Negotiations
Develop funding strategies, assist in the debt procurement process, and help clients manage their lender relationships, negotiation of covenants and terms.

General Parameters:
Fixed and Floating rate debt
Loan Size: $20MM+
Term: 2-10 years
Property Types: All (including hospitality)
Locations: Major markets and select secondary
Closing Time Frame: Typically 30-45 days
Loan to Value: Typically up to 75%
Rates: 5.50% - 12.00%
Payment: Current pay through cash flow or upfront reserves; partial accrual available

For further information, please contact Joseph Soufeh at [email protected]

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